My favorite part of my job is meeting new people and capturing their personality. Sometimes people can get nervous in front of the camera but when you get them relaxed and talking you can capture some amazing photos that will last a lifetime. Scroll through, I want to introduce you to the people, couples and children, and even furry children that I photograph. 


This is Renee. She is my best friend. She is also my art buddy. She is always up for something creative.    

This is Renee. She is my best friend. She is also my art buddy. She is always up for something creative. 









Ariel is a very down to earth girl with a love of the Marines and elephants. She is a unique senior with being the only person at her school who has a red car. Throughout the shoot, it was great to be with her because she is very going with the flow and I feel like the photos illustrate that.  Come here to see her session. 



The more I photographed Troy the more I learned about him. He may be quiet but he is always thinking and has a big future ahead of him. Troy is a Boy Scout working on his Eagle which is an outdoor classroom/pavilion. A big undertaking but he is up for the challenge. Troy is hoping to attend college and go into the  NROTC program to be in the NAVY after. Want to see more from his session click here



I am fortunate enough to call this brave man my brother-in-law. He is a member of the U.S. Navy as an Enson Electrician mate first class. It was an honor to be able to photograph him in his uniform. He is soon on a new adventure with a baby on the way. Cannot wait to see what will happen. 


Jess is one of the most fun people to be around. She has this personality that is always exciting and warm. The one thing that gets her excited more than anything is Disney, just ask her about her Winnie the Pooh shoes. Jess is a lovable free spirit who is up for anything. Even being photographed my me. She has a big heart that shows when she goes to work at an infant day care. The stories of the cute kids will fill anybody hear. 



I met Amy while attending college and was even roommates. While at college she got a degree in nursing and is perusing her dream of working in a hospital. She is a beautiful human being and has the biggest heart. Go over to the couples section to meet her boyfriend Ryan


Sometimes the best people to photograph is family. You can be a complete dork and they will give you the best reactions. My sister is an amazing person with love to go around. Never a dull moment when we are together and this photo shoot illustrates that very well. She is starting on a new journey as a mother. 

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Alan is a witty and extremely funny man. I meet him while in photographer school and photographing him was amazing because he is as much of a goofball as I am. He works in the food industry and enjoys baking. Next to his love of jokes he loves cats and the great outdoors. No one would think that this tattoo bearded man is a pun enthusiast and kitty lover. Go to the catalog to see all the fun times.