Families grow quickly. I should know my mother reminds me all the time. It's great to photograph them at different phases of their life. Capture their loves of all things and their personality. 

The Halloran Family

The Halloran Family


The Hood Family

The Hood Family



Let me introduce you to Dakota Raymond. He is a little bundle of joy that I meet November 15th, 2016. Get ready to see photos of him a lot here and also on my Instagram because I am lucky to call him my nephew. He is the first child of my sister Kate and brother-in-law Jason (who you can see in the portrait section). He already has a personality of his own. He is such a thinker. He loves to look at the lights and look around at his surroundings. I can not wait to see what he does in the future.  If you want to see his sessions go here. I photographed him in the hospital and at home. 


This little girls name is Jaelyn. This little cutie has so much love around her. This big blue eyed girl can be whatever she wants to be. Her parents love ever opportunity put her in every adorable outfit that they have. Jaelyn is a beautiful girl who has a bright and fun future ahead of her. I can't wait to see how she grows up and what kind of adventures she is on. 



Meet Nora. She was born June 2015 and at the time of the photo, she was seven years old. She is the happiest little kid ever. She loves playing with all types of ball, especially dodgeball when her parents are playing. She is starting to crawl around and discover more about her life. But her all time favorite thing is to dance around the kitchen with her dad while he is singing. To see more of this cutie click here.  



Rylee captured my heart the first time I saw her. Those big eyes and her little figures made this photo shoot easy to do because I was even falling in love with her. All the expressions she gave melted all of our hearts. She has an older sister who helps out so much. She is a happy addition to the Howell family. She loves being around her dogs and hanging out on the beach with the family. I cannot wait to see what this cutie does in the future. 



Hunter is an adventurous boy who keeps thinking of new adventures to have. When talking to him he really was interested in space and wanted to wear his space suit. It was a full family affair with a family member giving the suite and the flag behind him. The shoot was full of adventure and taking our mind on a journey to outer space.